Receive a Deeper Understanding of Christ’s Faith

Confirmation is the process where we teach the beliefs of the Christian faith, and especially those that are distinctive to the United Methodist Church.  Through this experience, with the help of parents, we hope to equip students to make important decisions about their faith.

Process of Confirmation

This process involves a series of classes that will usually be held on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour where they have small table discussion groups with an adult leader. Each week, a topic will be presented by one of the church staff members. There are activities and time for discussion and questions.

It is very important that students attend ALL classes. If there are special circumstances where a student must be absent, please let us know. If a student misses any session, they will need to do makeup work. If more than two sessions are missed, the confirmand and their parent will need to meet with one of the pastors and it is possible that they may not be able to be confirmed. Please save the class and retreat dates on your calendar to make sure that your child will be able to attend.

We believe that parents should be very involved in the Confirmation process with their child. In order to assist parents with having important discussions about their faith and the Confirmation process, we will have several Parent Check-In meetings throughout the year. These meetings will coincide with the Confirmation class and are designed to review with parents what the confirmands have been learning and talk through any questions or concerns. Childcare is available for these meetings upon request.

Finally, there is a rehearsal followed by the Confirmation Service. This is a day that students, if they choose, will make a decision to join the church. Please note that parents do not have to be members in order for their child to be confirmed; however, if you do wish to join the church, you may speak with one of our pastors to discuss this.

Confirmation Goals

The following are the goals of Confirmation:

• Teach confirmands the story of their faith, as contained in the Old and New Testaments and in the history and traditions of Christianity and The United Methodist Church.

• Give confirmands a basic understanding of Christian theology, including the doctrine of the Trinity, creation, sin, and grace.

• Teach confirmands the traditions and doctrinal emphases that make United Methodism unique.

• Foster relationships between confirmands and Christian adults in the congregation who can set an example of how to live as a mature Christian.

• Give confirmands an understanding of the importance of Christian education as a lifelong endeavor; and help confirmands develop a habit of participating in Christian education.

• Give confirmands an understanding of Christian worship as practiced in The United Methodist Church and why worship is an essential part of Christian discipleship.

• Challenge confirmands to serve God and others through the life and ministry of the congregation.

• Give confirmands an opportunity to go on retreats, withdrawing from their normal routine and drawing closer to God and their fellow Christians.

• Teach confirmands about the vows they will have an opportunity to take and the commitments that one makes when one says yes to those vows.

Confirmation Process (Details)
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