Church Council

Church Council Members - 2018  


Chair Craig Foil                       
Vice Chair Josh Mixon  
Secretary Gail Yance
Lay Leader Ken Coale
Staff/Parish Relations Committee Chair Scott Chapman
Finance Chair Diane Casey
Trustees Chair Janet English
Lay Member to Annual Conference Marilyn Sullivan  
Lay Member to Annual Conference Lynn Langley  
At-Large Stuart Woods  
At-Large Hamilton Moody
At-Large Margie Walters
At-Large Kent Watts
Evangelism Chair Laura Nobles
Traditional Worship Team Chair Connie Cayson  
Study Team Chair Pat Shubird  
Contemporary Worship Chair Jackie MacDonald  
Service Team Chair Melinda Immel  
Youth Team Chair Jacque Helms  
Children's Team Chair Michael Maxwell  
Disaster Relief Co-Chair Larry Davis  
Disaster Relief Co-Chair Pat Shubird  
Senior Pastor Bill Price  
Associate Pastor Rebecca Rutherford  
Director of Family Ministries Beth Allen  
Director of Youth Ministries Zack McCraw  
Preschool Board Chair Mandy Reeves  
Director of Children's Ministries Jennifer Robertson  
For more information on the organizational structure of our church please visit the Leadership Structure page of our website.
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